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Equipment to complete IFAS NFREC-Marianna BR-130 beef and bull testing program












Mike Martin


University of Florida-Institute of Food and Agricultural Services











Project Title:

Equipment to complete IFAS NFREC-Marianna BR-130 beef and bull testing program

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 12:26:45 PM












Alfred Lawson














Statewide Interest:

Increase our capability to serve the beef and forage industry in the state of FL













University of Florida-Vice President for Agriculture


Mike Martin/ Joe Joyce


1008 McCarty Hall, PO Box 110180

Contact Phone:

(352) 392-1971



Gainesville 32611-0180

















Gadsden, Jackson, Jefferson














Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The request is for equipment to complete the BOR-130 project to consolidate the UF-IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center from 4 locations (Chipley, Marianna, Quincy, and Monticello) to 2 locations (Quincy, Marianna).  The equipment is needed to upgrade and increase our capabilities to serve the beef and forage industries across northern Florida and statewide.  The equipment will be used to conduct research at the new beef research unit in Marianna in conjunction with other beef researchers from Gainesville and other UF-IFAS sites in the state. The equipmentwill support the new Florida Uniform Bull Test Program.  Also, the equipment also will be used to support Extension FDACS, FDEP, and FAMU. The equipment also will be used to support Extension education programs at the new Center and demonstration projects at many on-farm sites in Florida.













Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






We will set measureable goals with the beef programs at the North Florida Research and Education Center.  Examples will be 1. Increase in farmer knowledge about more efficient beef production practices.  2. Adoption of new production practices. 3.  Adoption of new nutrient and wastewater management practices on the beef farm. 4. Increase in profitability for the farmer, 5. Measured economic impact on the rural community, 6. Number of farmers adopting new agricultural enterprises developee by the IFAS beef projects.  We anticipate the work supported by this request will result in stregthening and stabilizing the beef cattle industry and result in the developing and stengthening of new agricultural enterprises for the beef and forage industries.











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