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Rural Perinatal Care, Social Worker












Marianna Towler, CNM,CEO


Full Circle Women's Health, Inc











Project Title:

Rural Perinatal Care, Social Worker

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 5:05:29 PM












Alfred Lawson, Richard Mitchell














Statewide Interest:

Provides service to most vulnerable women and families in rural counties













Full Circle Women's Health


Marianne Towler, CNM,CEO


104 East Dade Street

Contact Phone:

(850) 973-4814



Madison 32340































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The goal of this project is two-fold. First our mandate is to futher reduce the LBW and perinatal rates among the clients of Full Circle Women's Health.  Although the absolute cause of poor perinatal outcomes is now known, we do know that stress, personal, familial and community-wide, plays a major role in its causation.  To this end we wish to conserve and expand the perinatal social work recently added the service.  This social worker does intensive therpy with a limited number of clients who are noted by the nurse-midwives or Healthy Start personnel to be at particular risk in pregnancy.  Since the public mental health services in these counties is virtually non-existent, her fole is not a duplication of services. The additional social worker will work primarily in Gadsden Co.

Secondly, we want to reach out furhter into these communities so that women and families can access our services.  The services of the social worker and the CNMs need  to become better known and our care more readily available by increasing hours and contact within each of the counties in which we work and by further networking with other public and private groups in the counties.  Many women seek pregnancy care in the larger communities but are reluctant to seek frequent care because of the distance they must travel or the time they must take off from work.  If in-county services are better utilized, perinatal outcomes will improve












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






A decrease of 1% per year in perinatal death and Low Birth Weight per percentage of clients seen until these counties approach the state level for these outcome measures











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Florida State Bureau of Statistics Report on Low Birth Weight, Infant Mortality, and Perinatal Mort.











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Public Hearing, Madison, Jefferson and Leon Counties


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