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Behavior Modification












Mathes Guice


Community Reconstruction Institute (CRI) Koinonia Worship Center (KWC)











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Behavior Modification

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2/14/01 9:27:10 AM












Steven Geller














Statewide Interest:

Enables at-risk teens and unborn to become socially and economically productive members of society.













Community Reconstruction Institute


Mathes Guice


6299 W. Sunrise Blvd.

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(954) 791-8893



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Broward, Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach














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Private Organization
















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A Behavior Modification Outcome Program For Pregnant At-Risk Teens, Incarcerated Pregnant Young Adults, Foster Care Children And The Infants


The Behavior Modification Outcome Program is based on the need to establish an early pre-natal intervention program for pregnant at-risk teens, Incarcerated Pregnant Young Adults and Foster Care Children in order to enable the unborn to receive positive life development opportunities well into their adult life.


The at-risk teens and adult youths will also be provided an ongoing continuum of early childhood prevention/intervention education that will improve the future of their prodigy. The objective is to provide the babies and their mothers positive socialization skills instead of a life of crime and social negative behaviors.


The program targets at-risk pregnant teens and adult youths statewide. A facility to serve at least 50 clients will be designed as a model for future sites. The program will include:


* A staff of medical health care providers. The program and services are comprehensive, prescriptive, documented and ongoing from pre-natal to five years of age and beyond.


* Psychological services will be provided to all babies and their mothers. The psychological components will include skilled professionals in the cognitive development of mental and physical development of children. A trained, certified staff will focus on the parent-child family characteristics, and also the community and culture.


* An approved childcare facility site will be established that meets not only the facility standards, but also meets the maximum professional standards. The program will be established under the direction of The Department of Children and Families.


* Education is comprehensive and continuous for the unborn child and the parent, family, community, and culture. The program will be designed in order to not leave any child behind.


The Community Reconstruction Institute and Koinonia Worship Center will co-sponsor and support a collaborative venture to reverse the trend of at-risk teens, incarcerated pregnant teens and youg adults from entering the juvenile and criminal justice system by providing prevention, intervention, and after-care programs.


Each of these entities have a critical part in the recruitment and reversal of the current mind sets of at-risk pregnant teens and young adults; a major change of the teens and new children. Support services, and curriculum will be the component parts of primary goals that will provide our young people with the knowledgeable skills, self esteem and peer support leading to productive, self sufficient lives.


The establishment of this model is new, creative, and critically necessary to the mothers and their infants to break into a new life of success and the ability to stop continuous negative life styles and distress. Fifty potential new lives are a small cost for the beginning of new beginnings.


The pregnant at-risk teens and pregnant young adults will be recruited from: The Department of Children and Families, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Florida Department of Corrections.


The recruitment efforts are designed to enroll at least 50 clients who have been released and/or relocated from any state facility into Broward County. The orientation will include strategies that will support commitment to the well being of the newborn child from pre-birth to young adulthood.


In order to target a comprehensive and on-going program, support services will be necessary and shall include a trained staff of medical needs and services; psychological needs; early childhood care services; and an approved childcare facility that meets the standards held by the Department of Children and Families.














Measurable Outcome Anticipated:








Establish a planning committee before July 1, 2001 comprised of, but not limited to representatives of:


* The Community Re-Entry Program

* Koinonia Worship Center

* Broward Sheriffs Department

* Coordinator of the Behavior Management Outcome Program

* Medical Health Services

* Psychology Services

* Guidance and Counseling

* The Board of The School Board of Broward County

* Teen Parent Program

* The Department of Children and Families

* The Juvenile Justice System

* Healthy Start

* Children Services Administration

* A Judge of the Broward County Dependency Court

* Parents




Establish an area that will house the integrative components that will serve at least 50 pregnant at-risk teens or young adults. The area will be a safe place for the mothers and a fully licensed child development center that meets or exceeds facility standards. The initiation process will begin July 1, 2001.




Recruitment efforts will begin as soon as the program is approved. The committee will assist in recruitment of the clients. The recruitment process will include intake, evaluation, and assessment procedures of the targeted population. The first 50 clients will be ready for placement as of July 15, 2001. After the first successful year, the model will expand to include 100 at-risk teens or young adults for the second year. During the third year, facilities will be opened in Dade and Palm Beach counties. The Planning Committee will be a part of the recruitment process. A follow-up will be completed at 30, 60, and 90 day intervals.




The at-risk pregnant teen mothers and young adults will be provided comprehensive interest, aptitude, and achievement assessments to begin a documented support system for case management records. The assessment process will begin August 15, 2001.




The parents and the business contacts will serve as a networking system that will inform the community about the program and solicit finances and in-kind support system to start and expand the program. The business outreach will begin as soon as the proposal is approved.




The medical, psychological, counseling services will be established and documented through the case management process. These support services are integral components for the program and will be established as soon as the recruitment process begins. Fifty clients are the target for the first year. The program will expand and build on its successes.




This component is a critical key. Education refers to an ongoing learning process for the pregnant mothers, the unborn child, and families. Education will be ongoing.











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