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Alzheimer Services












Brenda Johnson


Alzheimer's Association











Project Title:

Alzheimer Services

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 3:02:19 PM












Rudolfo Garcia, Burt Saunders, Rod Smith














Statewide Interest:

See bottom of Measurable Outcome Anticapated.













Greater Miami Area Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association


Brenda Johnson


1175 NE 125th Street, Suite 600

Contact Phone:

(305) 891-6228



North Miami 33161

















Dade, Monroe














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








This project will establish direct care services including case management and clinical counseling.  The work will focus on identifying and assisting members of the Hispanic and Haitian communities, but will serve all who need such assistance.  Case management services will assess, through home visits, the needs of an individual situation and will coordinate provision of requuired sevices.  Case management will involve the caregiver in care-related decisions, will coordinate training and support assistance, and will teach individuals how to access available resources.  Clinical counseling will offer the emotional guidance that can relieve depression and offer coping assistance with emotional strain and reactions that impede the ability of caregivers to continue their roles successfully.  Eligibility requirements will include the needs of the client, if they are at risk of nursing home placement, the absence of full time caregives, and income level.


Another aspect of the model will be implementation of a wellness model based on the most recent research on Alzheimer's disease.  The components of the wellness program will include exercise, intellectual stimulation, diet, and phychiatric interventions.


This project will address the most critical group of elders, low income and minority, within their communities.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Delay need for nursing home placement; reduce medicaid burden; improve quality of life.


What statewide interest does this project address as it relates to 216.052(1)?


Provision of support services for family Alzheimer's caregivers will reduce the demands for nursing home placement and, likely, for Assisted Living Facility placements.  This is so because empowerment of family caregivers has, as shown by research, allowed families to retain the loved one with the disease in the home for an average 11 months longer than without.













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Recurring Operations



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Statistics on current incidences of Alzheimers and expected increase given demographics











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Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation


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