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Juvenile Assessment Center

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2/14/01 2:02:49 PM












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JAC's have been a priority statewide.  The Sarasota County JAC serves the area juveniles.













Sarasota County Government


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The mission of the Juvenile Assessment Center in North County and proposed expansion to South County, as well as the introduction of enhanced prevention services at the JAC is to reduce juvenile crime and substance abuse in Sarasota County. With collaboration from all entities involved in the JAC, a full range of opportunities that promote youth reaching their full potential and the prevention of youth from committing crimes and using/abusing substances will be provided. Services at the JAC include:


Screening - Suicide Screening and Baker Act Processing, Physical Assessment, Screening as to risk and need for a full-bio-psychosocial assessment, Field Urinalysis testing; Bio-Psychosocial Assessment (Presenting problem, Present living situation, History of treatment, Family situation, School History, Employment history, Legal history, Developmental history, Medical history, Mental status exam, Clinical formulation, Risk and Protective factors, Clinical Recommendation, Laboratory Urinalysis).


Case Management-includes receiving and release of youth to parents, guardians, detention transport, or arrangement of shelter for youth who cannot go home(but who are not eligible for detention), referral to treatment resources, including crisis intervention resources and outpatient resources, and follow-up and case management regarding linking the youth and their families to treatment. The follow-up case management area continues to be provided on a limited basis, due to our llimited funding. We are again asking that funds be provided by the legislature this coming year to expand our ability to provide follow-up services and judge our progress in linking youth and their families to treatment.


Data management- includes establishment of a coordinated data management system, responsibility for gathering data on critical risk factors which influence criminal behavior in youth of Sarasota County, and responsibility for providing regular reports to the community and DJJ regarding data collected. Enhancement of the aspect of performance outcome measures data collection is requested in this budget request. Additional Services - A mobile assessment function is also available at the Manatee Regional Detention Center and at various DJJ community-based programs upon their request. Immediate counseling to youth and their families can be accessed 24 hours per day, seven days a week upon referral from JAC staff.


Additionally, JAC staff makes referral recommendations for non-crisis, on-going outpatient treatment. Urinalysis montoring is available to these programs as well to the local IDDS(Intensive Delinquency Diversion Services)Program. Urinalysis monitoring is also available to those youth the Juvenile Court judge wishes to have tested. He makes direct referral for those services to the JAC. Domestic violence assessments are done on the spot and forwarded to the Juvenile Court judge for the youth's First Appearance hearing the next day. Suicide Probability Assessment are administered at the JAC if a youth presents as possessing suicidal ideation and if they score appropriately are referred immediately for Baker Act procedures provided by a CRC, Inc. licensed clinician. With continued funding, the JAC will also provide Department of Juvenile Justice Detention Screening, currently being performed by DJJ Staff. The Sarasota JAC is meeting the need in Sarasota County to increase law enforcement officer time in their jobs by shortening the lenghth of time it takes to process a juvenile arrest. In the year 2000, 2,147 youth have received assessments and associated JAC services.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The JAC provides opportunities to prevent delinquent behavior and provide proper referral for treatment for families and their children and adolescents whom may be engaging in delinquent behavior. Through the comprehensive JAC process, we anticipate a reduction in crime and substance abuse among the youth in Sarasota County. The JAC currently utilizes several data base systems to track and provide data management on assessments. The funding will allow for an even greater utilization of data from additional sources. Data base systems utilized or to be utilized include: Department of Juvenile Justice Information system; AS400 Data Management System. This multi-user database, used by the Sarasota School District allows individual schools and departments to identify and input student data into the district's master student database in the areas of, but not limited to, student schedules (program placement), attendance, grades (student achievement), and discipline referrals. When any of the above data is entered into the database, a myriad of reports can be queried seeking either detailed or summary information on students' GPA, disciplinary referrals, academic progress, attendance, schedule, and program (ESE,ESOL, dropout prevention, alternative education) enrollment. Student data is indefinitely stored in the district's computerized database. Through an Interagency Agreement, the school district partners with the courts, law enforcement, juvenile justice organizations, and community agencies providing its partners training and access to this data. The Criminal Justice Information System is a comprehensive, integrated criminal justice system for all Sarasota County criminal justice agencies. The case management component of the JAC is critical to successful tracking of the outcome measures. The case managers will be able to provide individual referral and continuing follow-up to ensure that community-based services are utilized by the youth and his or her family. Additionally, the case manager will provide on-going community and provider training and have database capability.











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