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Family Emergency Treatment Center/Sarasota












Dr. Christine Cauffield


Coastal Recovery Centers, Inc.











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Family Emergency Treatment Center/Sarasota

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2/13/01 4:41:59 PM












Lisa Carlton














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The FETC addresses delivery of mental health services, which is a statewide problem.













Coastal Recovery Centers, Inc.


Dr. Christine Cauffield


3830 Bee Ridge Road

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(941) 927-8900 327



Sarasota 34233

















Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, Sarasota














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Private Organization
















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FETC is a 24 hour, seven day a week emergency walk-in clinic for mental health and substance abuse. Currently operates in Manatee County with proposed expansion to Sarasota County.The mission is to provide short-term intervention for clients coping with crisis mental health or substance abuse issues. FETC will support and empower individuals, regardless of age or income, to take an active role in their own recovery.


Designed like emergency walk-in clinics for acute physical care, provides services that meet behavioral needs of the consumer. The scope of services offered for any individual with mental health and/or substance abuse needs falls into two major categories: clinical services and community support. Assessment of needs; emergency counseling/brief therapy; acute medication intervention; referral; behavioral health screening. Community Support Services are observation/Drop-in (ideal for law enforcement and those needing mental health break). Family Support in addition to providing intervention counseling, family support includes providing temporary "quiet space" and necessary goods such as diapers, food vouchers, and baby formula.


Use of the First Call for Help computerized database to link callers in need with the best referral source in the community. The FETC is staffed 24 hours by psychotherapists, care managers, and clinical support specialists. Board-certified psychiatrists are available by appt. to provide emergency medication evaluations. By offering 24-7 intervention and assessment, a seamless level of care is provided, and there is increased accessibility regardless of ability to pay. The FETC will assure unrestricted access through staffing that is geared toward a walk-in service delivery model. As such, there will be no "waiting list" as often exists with other service delivery systems. The FETC will manage walk-in traffic through triage, crisis intervention, brief therapy, and referral to community providers.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Department of Children and Families dictate Performance Measures for the Family Emergency Treatment Center. The Manatee FETC is negotiating with the Department to develop comprehensive, meaningful, and measureable performance measures. The data needed to demonstrate satisfaction of these measures would be gathered by FETC personnel and submitted through the DCF IDS system. The Sarasota FETC will follow the same performance measures. In addition, the Manatee FETC also commissioned an independent Annual Review/Impact Report by Englehardt and Assoc. a Tampa-based consulting firm with 28 yrs. of experience in behavioral healthcare. The purpose was to objectively measure the FETC's impact in Manatee County in its first year of operation. The review, completed in Jan. 2000, stated that "over 1,615 unduplicated persons were served in the first year, with approximately one third of them diverted from more restrictive and costly services. Based on the first year diversions," the report states, FETC is saving approximately $697,000 in publicly financed inpatient services."


The Sarasota FETC will also contract for an independent review each year of operation, to ensure its continued performance and accountability. In order to fulfill its mandate to be community driven, the FETC will gather data from each client on customer satisfaction. This information, in the form of a survey, will be aggregated and reported to the Administrator and Board of Directors on a regular basis. In addition, data will be audited and interpreted by the independent reviewer for the annual report. The Manatee FETC regularly seeks input from the community on the efficacy of its services and when operational,the Sarasota FETC will do the same. The Administrator currently sits on six local advisory boards for other community service agencies, in which the effectiveness and interaction of member agencies (including FETC) are evaluated. Additionally, the FETC has (and Sarasota will have) its own advisory board, consisting of consumers, staff from other agencies, local and state political representatives, and community leaders, who give input to the agency on it efficacy and mission.











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FETC Sarasota would replicate the FETC operation in Manatee, that has two year's data.











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Sarasota County Legislative Delegation


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