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Mothers' and Children's Substance Abuse Recovery Transitional Living Program












Cynthia Kuyper


First Step of Sarasota, Inc.











Project Title:

Mothers' and Children's Substance Abuse Recovery Transitional Living Program

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 4:57:51 PM












Lisa Carlton














Statewide Interest:

Meet current unmet need for transitional living services for recovering women & children













First Step of Sarasota, Inc.,


Cynthia Kuyper


1970 Main Street, 5th Floor

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(941) 366-5333 113



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DeSoto, Manatee, Sarasota














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Private Organization
















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The Mothers and Infants Program began in 1995, via a grant from DCF. This program was designed to provide adult pregnant women, who are addicted to drugs/alcohol with a safe and supportive residential environment in which they can learn parenting, decision making, and life management skills. With a minimum stay of three to six months, program counseling focuses on drug and alcohol abuse, values clarification, health, wellness and social skills. To date, 62 babies have been born substance free. One year after treatment approximately 70% of the mothers are still clean and sober, have lessened involvement with the judicial system, and are employed.This program evolves from Mothers and Infants Program, and as such offers expanded continuum of care. First Step's Mothers and Infants Program will be the primary "feeder" to the program and other referral sources will also be used.


To qualify, women must currently be receiving treatment, recovering from substance and/or alcohol abuse, and have one or more children (up to the age of 10). The proposed program is a six-eight bed, three to six month transitional living program for mothers and their children. The transitional living program features at least restrictive, safe and supportive environment for continued treatment. It is designed to help minimize some of the obstacles to continuation of recovery as well as provide the skills for coping with those obstacles. To maintain census, a Women's Intervention Specialist will travel throughout the community to meet with those who qualify for the program. It allows mothers and children to have a safe environment and a place to return to following their workday. Each Mother is required to work or attend educational studies. Clients will be required to pay for a portion of their expenses. Money management education will be provided to each mother allowing her to save enough funds once their program ends, to acquire their own housing. The program requires 10 hours weekly of group counseling, individual counseling, educational sessions and attendance at 12 step meetings. It helps the mothers to achieve self-sufficiency, relationships with their children, sobriety, and improve self-esteem.The end result is to graduate 10-12 women every twelve months. This program is not duplicated in our area.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






To graduate 10-12 women every twelve months. The women gain employment and/or education status in this program;increased length of abstinence from drugs and alcohol;increased participation in drug and alcohol free leisure activities; improved parenting skills;decreased legal involvement episodes; and improved relationships with family. The children gain increased participation in school; improved social skills; improved relationships with family and improved attendance at school.











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