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Emergency Notification Alert System












Jodi Pearl


City of Plantation











Project Title:

Emergency Notification Alert System

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 8:55:46 AM












Steven Geller














Statewide Interest:

Automated call-outs improve emergency response time and enhance emergency preparedness.













City of Plantation


Jodi Pearl


400 N.W. 73rd Avenue

Contact Phone:

(954) 797-2640



Plantation 33317































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The Emergency Notification Alert System's automated notifications might include: the activation of off-duty personnel; the alerting of small business owners about burglaries or a rash of shoplifting; the notification of neighborhood watch groups about possible drug trafficking, bike thefts, car and house break-ins, lost or missing persons and community meetings. Whole neighborhoods or geographic regtions can receive warnings about impending weather disasters, HAZMAT situations, or fire threats. Wellness checks on homebound and elderly residents and subsequent contact with caregivers if follow-up is required can be programmed into the Emergency Notification Alert System. Hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, news media and utility companies can be called about impending emergencies and it can be a system of correspondence for schools to interact and activate local law enforcement and other relevant agencies during both routine and emergency scenarios.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The Emergency Notification Alert System will increase emergency response and recovery time, lower recovery costs, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and ensure preparedness for emergency management personnel.











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Florida Statutes 252.31(3), State of Florida Comp. Emeg. Management Plan.











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Plantation City Council


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