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The Amer-I-Can Program












Warren P. Chavers


The Amer-I-Can Program, Inc.











Project Title:

The Amer-I-Can Program

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 11:14:04 AM












J. Alex Villalobos














Statewide Interest:

Reduction of crime













The Amer-I-Can Program, Inc.


Warren P. Chavers


21545 SW 87th Ave.

Contact Phone:

(330) 580-9274



Miami 33169

















Broward, Dade














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








Amer-I-Can is a self-improvement and life skills program designed for gang and at-risk youths and aims to improve lives through learning and applying principles to help make positive choices for a successful transition toward a meaningful, enriched and positive lifestyle.  A certified facilitator teaches the program.  Amer-I-Can is designed to make a favorable impact on the student behavior resulting in improved academic performance (GPA) reduction in negative behavior, and increase in school attendance.  Our 15-chapter curriculum will assist in improving the student's attitude and motivate them to stay in school.  The training helps to restore self-worth, self-esteem and encourages the student to set realistic goals and to work hard at achieving them.  The curriculum consists of a 15-chapter manual with weekly testing, as well as evaluations by program administrators, facilitators and involved parents.   The program also requires periodic self-evaluation by the students.  These dynamics create a structured program of self-help and development of peer group relationships with a trained facilitator who monitors individual and group achievements. Finally, the program attempts to establish family relationships with each student's family to provide proper support upon completion of the program.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Progress will be measured for each individual student.  Outcome is measured with longitudinal study of Personal Growth Inventories and Critical Skills Evaluations.  Likewise, attendance, grade point average and the number of disciplinary incidents during the time frame of the course are used as evaluation measures.  Program administrators also look for pro gress in attitudes and behaviors, academically, socially, domestically, and criminally, and a determination of whether there is increased respect for other persons and property.  As an overall program, Amer-I-Can seeks to increase school attendance, reduce incidedents of negative behavior and increase grade point averages.











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Recurring Operations



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Dade County School Board


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