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IMPACT-AMI's Alternative Education Program for Juveniles












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IMPACT-AMI's Alternative Education Program for Juveniles

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2/16/01 8:18:47 AM












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IMPACT provides alternative educational services to adjudicated youth throughout Florida













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IMPACT is the exciting new second phase of AMI's day treatment programs focused on providing an alternative educational setting.  Designed to meet the needs of deliquent kids, IMPACT allow AMI staff to complete what is started in the institute's first phase.  The mission of IMPACT is: Every student will sucessfully complete high school by earning a standard diploma, special diploma, or the GED, and establish a clear career path by successfully completing at least one semester of college, vocational training or apprenticeship.  All students will receive a life skill preparation including those skills necessary for living in a computer driven world.


As in the first phase of AMI's day programs. The IMPACT phase continues to emphasize completion of high school graduation requirements, and also includes strength-based case planning and programming, empowered student participation, life readiness preparation, continuing education, and citizenship.  A requirement of the IMPACT phase is that students define a clear vocational path prior to transition.


IMPACT students typically work during the morning and afternoon hours and attend classes in the evening preparing for a high shcool diploma or GED.  A Staff member at each program creates a job bank and assists students with job placement.  Student progress is monitored at the work site.  Prior to transition from IMPACT, students prepare for placement in community college, vocational school, or an apprenticeship program.


AMI's IMPACT programs serve 665 students.  On the average, programs have been operating for 3 to 6 months.  Several trends have emerged such as increased focus on the preparation for both standard diplomas and GED's, and increased enrollment in vocational programs.  Apprenticeship programs have been tapped into for the first time.  AMI Institutes have increased partnerships with both district and private vocational schools, community colleges, businesses and state departments.  Last year, AMI received $1,093,260 to assist with IMPACT transportation costs.  This year $1,158,855 in funding is requested for transporation costs (increased amount due to increased transportation costs).


AMI has been highly sucessful during the past 30 years redirecting the lives of at-risk youth, and when students transition from AMI programs, they are behaviorally ready to appply the skill they have learned.  However, the majority of our youths are not successful when they transiton back to traditional school programs, and they eventually drop out.  They have not had enough time to develop academic skills, and school administrators are wary of the deliquents returning to their schools.  Through IMPACT, students can work in an environment that has become safe and comfortable for the period of time they require, developing the skills they need to obtain a high school diploma.  A high school diploma is the strongest predictor of non-recidivism.


In addition to earning a diploma, students particpate in meaningful work experiences that reflect abilities and interest while creating a clear vocational path for the future.  We believe that meaningful work experiences in which at-risk youth earn wages, also keep them from re-offening.


One of our many IMPACT success stories involves a 17-year old student who attended our Dade South program in Miami.  This young man had a long list of felony offenses prior to enrolling in the program.  IMPACT provided the support he required to become focused.  He earned a GED and discovered an interest in the culinary arts.  Our Director assisted this young man in pursing his interest.  He now has a full scholarship to Johnson Wales, one of the finest culinary arts schools in the country.













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Successful graduates of AMI's IMPACT program earn a high school diploma or GED, complete at least one semester of college, vocational training or apprenticeship and receive a job placement assistance.  Research has demonstrated that a high school diploma is the strongest predictor of non-recidivism.











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