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Mental Health Services for HIV/AIDS












Daniel Brady


Douglas Gardens CMHC











Project Title:

Mental Health Services for HIV/AIDS

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 5:05:33 PM












Ronald Silver














Statewide Interest:

reduces the spread of AIDS













Douglas Gardens CMHC


Daniel Brady


701 Lincoln Road

Contact Phone:

(305) 531-5341



Miami Beach 33139































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The project proposes to continue and expand a range of mental heatlth services including psychiatric evaluation, medication management and outpatient counseling to individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing acute and/or chronic mental health problems.  In addition, crisis intervention services will be available on an as needed basis through the center's continuum of care for clients requiring intensive intervention to stabilize psychiatric crises. The proposal is designed to serve those individuals who are currently enrolled in a Ryan White Case Management Program and do not have third party insurance coverage to cover the costs of services.  It is estimated that the project will serve over 100 individuals in the 2001-2002 fiscal year and provide 100 psychiatric evaluations, 1,000 psychiatric medications visits, 2,500 individuals counseling contacts and provide lab and pharmacy services to 45 individuals. The proposed program will be operated by the Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center in Miami-Dade.  This program will achieve three primary public benefits:  a)mentally ill individuals with HIV/AIDS who are receiving treatment for their psychiatric illness are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors which contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS. b)mentally ill individuals with HIV/AIDS who are receiving treatment for their psychiatric illnesses are more likely to seek and use the available continuum of HIV/AIDS treatment and social services, and c) those individual with HIV/AIDS receiving treatment for mental health problems are more likely to avoid high-risk behaviors and comply with their HIV/AIDS medical treatment regimens.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






1. To have 90% of non-emergency requests for mental health services reslut in a scheduled intake appointment within 5 working days of referral

2. To have 90% of individuals who engage in outpatient counseling report a reduction in psychiatric symptoms within the first 3 months of treatment

3. To have no more than 15% of individuals enrolled in the program admitted to an inpatient hospital for treatment of a psychiatric condition.

4. To have 90% of requests for psychiatric evaluation, medication management or outpatient counseling result in a completed delivered services within 20 working days of referral.











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