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Historic Preservation, Sp Category Grants: Alcazar Hotel












Jason Sheffield


City of St. Augustine











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Historic Preservation, Sp Category Grants: Alcazar Hotel

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2/13/01 1:32:55 PM












James King














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Historic Preservation and Tourism













City of St. Augustine


Jason Sheffield


75 King Street

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(904) 825-1005



St. Augustine 32084

















St. Johns














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Government Entity
















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The purpose of this project is to restore/enhance the historical integrity of the Alcazar Hotel by replacing the aluminum-framed windows with a window that simulates the material/design originally used in 188.  The Alcazar Hotel is one of two magnificant hotels created by Henry Morrison Flagler in the late 1880's.  It is one of the few original treasures remaining from the Flagler Era of 1888-1914.  The Alcazar Hotel is widely considered one of the most historically significant buildings in Florida; in addition, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior in 1971.  The Alcazar Hotel, now known as City Hall, houses the City of St. Augustine's Administration, the Lightner Museum, several State agencies and a variety of retail shops, all of which serve not only our residents, but thousands of visitors annually.

The Alcazar Hotel currently possesses approximately 317 aluminum-framed windows.  These windows were installed during the City's initial renovation in 1973 and 1974, at which time, the City made its first efforts at preserving the Alcazar Hotel.  Due to the substantial size of the initial renovation and the lack of adequate funding, the City was forced to replace the damaged wooden-framed windows with "less-expensive" aluminum framed windows, which detract from the historical integrity of the building.  However, the City was able to preserve approximately 30 of the wooden-framed windows originally used when Flagler created the Alcazar Hotel in 1888. 

Funding of this project will allow for the continued preservation of the Alcazar Hotel, which is vital to the historic fabric of downtown St. Augustine's architectural skyline, and, when completed, will ensure the preservation of one of the City's most important historical structures.












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The restoration of the windows will bring the structure closer to its original 1888 look, while at the same time, provide greater insulation and protection.











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