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Residential for Substance Abusing Women with Co-occuring Disorders and other stressors












Kathy Turner


STEPS, Inc. (Specialized Treatment, Education, Prevention Services)











Project Title:

Residential for Substance Abusing Women with Co-occuring Disorders and other stressors

Date Submitted:

2/27/01 10:19:12 AM












Buddy Dyer














Statewide Interest:

Meets the criteria for Department of Children and Families projects.















Kathy Turner


1033 Pine Hills Rd

Contact Phone:

(407) 522-2144



Orlando 32808

















Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The funds requested from this application will be used to expand Specialized Treatment, Education and Prevention Services Inc. residential treatment services by utilizing an existing building located adjacent their current women's residential treatment program.  This will allow treatment services for twenty-four women who are currently on a waiting list who exhibit substance abuse and COS.  It is anticipated that the program will:

- Reduce client's utilization of treatment services post graduation.

- Reduce criminality.

- Reduce involvement in the Juvenile Justice System.

- Improve physical and emotional health of clients.

- Reduce costs to the taxpayer.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Through the provision of services outlined in this proposal, clients of this comprehensive program will become healthier more productive members of our community, decrease their involvement in the criminal justice system, decrease their involvement in the Department of Children and Families Family Safety System, Improve thier employability skills, employment status and educational status and reduce their involvement in the substance abuse/mental health treatment network.  These goals will be accomplished as the program:

- Provides a comprehensive array of culturally and responsive treatment services to women with substance abuse and COS issues.

- Provides a safe environment for individuals who are in need of stabilizing.

- Provides Case Management services to individuals receiving treatment

- Obtains access to medical, psychological, psychiatric and vocational services for all individuals in need of these services.

- Refers and facilitates housing for individuals through partnerships with various Housing Authorities (See Attachment I)

- Provides utilization management and collaborative efforts to ensure that the clients continue and/or complete treatment programs.

- Stabilizes mental health and increased functioning.











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