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Black Male College Explorer's Program












Black Male College Explorer's Program


Florida A&M, College of Education











Project Title:

Black Male College Explorer's Program

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 3:58:59 PM












Alfred Lawson, Richard Mitchell














Statewide Interest:

Increasing black males graduation rates & admission to college rates in achieving a college degree













Black Male College  Explorer's Program


Tommy Mitchell


FAMU, Gore Education Center, Bldg B, Room 302

Contact Phone:

(850) 561-2407



Tallahassee 32307-4900































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The Black Male College Explorers Program is an At Risk prevention/intervention program at Florida A&M University, Bethune Cookman College, Edward Waters College, and Florida Memorial College designed specifically for black males that was initiated as an attempt to reduce the number of Black Males who drop out of school, use drugs, arrested, and being victims or perpetrators of homicide or other violent crimes.  The goals of the program are to increase the number of black males graduating from high school, facilitate their admission to college, and significantly increase their chances of earning a college degree.  Schools are asked to identify "At Risk" black males in grads 7th through 11th grade.  A team of school and community leaders are required to provide supportive services for the students during the regular school year.  FAMU, Bethune-Cookman College, Edward Waters College, and Florida Memorial College provides six weeks of highly concentrated developmental experiences designed specifically for black males during the summer.  An appropriate number of black male college and high school teachers are hired to teach subjects that include English, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences and computer sciences.  Personal development activities are provided through daily classes and weekly seminars and workshops.  The Universities pays for transportation to and from campus. Lodgin, food, books and classroom materials are provided at no cost to the students selected.  Program participants return each summer for a different level of instruction and motivational activities unless the Program Committee and local Advisory Committee deem additional services are no longer required.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The primary goal of this program is to increase the number of black males who graduate from high school and college, become productive citizens, employed men, and responsible fathers.  The program involves the concept of giving students hope for choosing and pursuing careers, providing additional support for them during their middle and high school years, and exposing them to college life each cummer (six weeks) until they graduate from high school.  If students are able to acquire minimal acceptable grade point averages and minimual acceptable scores on the ACT or SAT, BMCEP will facilitate their admission to the post graduate institution of their choice or admit them at the respective BMCEP Colleges and Universities. Support will be provided for them at BMCEP Colleges and Universities until they graduate from college.











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