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Superintendents Leadership Development Program












Joy Frank


Florida Association of District School Superintendents











Project Title:

Superintendents Leadership Development Program

Date Submitted:

2/9/01 2:51:57 PM












Charlie Clary














Statewide Interest:

provides opportunity for training to all 67 school superintendents and staff













Florida Association of District School Superintendents


Joy Frank


208 South Monroe Street

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(850) 222-2280



Tallahassee 32301































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The Florida Association of District School Superintendents provides a comprehensive leadership development program for Florida Superintendents.  Leadership development opportunities are available to superintendents as soon as they are appointed or elected to the superintendency beginning with New Superintendent Orientation and continuing throughout their superintendencies.  This program is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art leadership development system that includes the following programs:


            New Superintendent Orientation

            Superintendent Mentoring Program

            Superintendent Special Certification Program

            Chief Executive Officer Leadership Development Program


Two of the above programs are specifically required by Florida Statutes, The Superintendents Special Certification Program as prescribed in Section 230.303(5), Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.0551, FAC and the Chief Executive Officer Leadership Development Program as prescribed in Section 230.303(6)(a)(b)(c), Florida Statutes.


Leadership development and training provided by the Association are integrated into a comprehensive system of leadership development for educational leaders at all levels.  Training of the system's leaders is enhanced greatly when combined with complimentary training of those who support the superintendent's leadership efforts and carry out  leadership initiatives.  For this reason to further support superintendents in their leadership efforts, training is also provided to the executive administrators of the school system, known as district-level leaders, secretaries/administrative assistants to superintendents and school boards, and other educational leaders throughout the school system.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The output of this program will be the high quality training institutes and other leadership development services provided to superintendents and other educational leaders.  The desired outcome of this program will be educational leaders who are better able to provide the leadership necessary to enhance educational services to students and, therefore, improve student achievement.  The measures for these outcomes include participant evaluation and feedback as well as numerous opportunities for participants to assess their knowledge and skill levels within the training experience.  Furthermore, specific evaluation components are provided for certain programs.  For example, the Superintendents Special Certification Program includes a written examination titled, The Florida Superintendent Examination, which participants must successfully complete before being certified in the program. Additionally, in the case of the Chief Executive Officer Leadership Development Program, actual demonstration of how the superintendent's participation in this program has enhanced leadership for the benefit of the school district is required for successful completion.  There are two phases in this program.  Phase I is the content-knowledge-skills phase which is a formalized training program that focuses on information and skill development necessary for highly effective superintendents.  Phase II is the competency acquisition phase in which superintendents have a structured opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in Phase I for the continuous improvement of their school districts.  Superintendents engaged in Phase II design a year-long Learning Project to address the improvement needs of their district.  At the conclusion of the Learning Project, there is a performance assessment to determine the superintendent's growth as a leader and learner and to determine the impact of the Learning Project on the school district.











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