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Chemical Treatment to Bind Phosphorus in the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin












Gene Molnar, Chairman


Lake County Water Authority











Project Title:

Chemical Treatment to Bind Phosphorus in the Upper Ocklawaha River Basin

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 11:12:24 AM












Anna Cowin














Statewide Interest:

Water quality and natural systems improvement to a large, highly degraded chain of lakes system.













St. Johns River Water Management District


Carol Senne


P.O. Box 1429

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(904) 329-4447



Palatka 32178-1429































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Government Entity
















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Phosphorus loading into Lake Apopka, the Harris Chain of Lakes and the upper Ocklawaha River hinders efforts to restore water quality.  A large part of the District's efforts to restore these water bodies has focused on purchase and restoration of wetlands on 12,000 acres of former muck farms.  The end of farming with the District purchases greatly reduced discharges of nutrient-laden farm water, but nutrient release from the former farm soils continues to be a source of loading to the wetlands that are undergoing restoration and to the adjacent water bodies.


This funding will provide for application of chemical amendments to bind phosphorus in the former farm soils at Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area ($350,000) and Lake Harris Conservation Area ($200,000), thereby reducing phosphorus discharge into Lake Griffin and the upper Ocklawaha River.  Part of this funding, ($500,000), will provide for the application of alum residual (a drinking water treatment byproduct) on the north shore of Lake Apopka; alum will be applied to the fields to reduce floodwater phosphorus levels when farmed soils are re-flooded to create new marshes.  This work is a continuation on the remaining former farms of an effort began in FY 1998-99 during which alum residual was stockpiled and spread on the former A. Duda and Sons property.  Spreading work could not be accomplished at that time due to an emergency pesticide investigation.


Project Partner:  U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service












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Reduce floodwater phosphorus levels when farmed soils are re-flooded to create new marshes.











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