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Bay Point Schools, Inc.












Mary Louise Cole, Ph. D.


Bay Point Schools, Inc.











Project Title:

Bay Point Schools, Inc.

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 11:10:16 AM












Rudolfo Garcia














Statewide Interest:

See bottow of Measurable Outcome Anticipated.













Bay Point Schools, Inc.


Mary Louise Cole, Ph. D.


25005 SW 133rd Avenue

Contact Phone:

(305) 251-3112



Miami 33032

















Broward, Collier, Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








Supportive Housing with job training, job placement and counseling for 60 homeless teens (17-19 yrs.) who have completed a DJJ residential program, were adjudicated and have no viable home to which they can return.  If they are "on the streets", they are at risk of returning to crime or joining the chronic homeless.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The State of Florida and the Region of South Florida will be a safer place to live, raise a family and conduct business, because every year 60 to 90 former juvenile offenders who are homeless will become productive members of their community with jobs, counseling and the safe housing which will support them in their long-term career goals.


What statewide interest does this project address as it relates to Chapter 216.052(1)?


This project is a capital outlay initiative, regional in scope as well as a statewide model that meets the documented need for supportive housing for teens (17-19 yrs.).  They have completed a Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) residential program and have no home to which they can return.  These at-risk youth can become homeless and/or return to crime if they do not have housing, counseling, job training, and job placement.  Supportive housing while they receive job training and job placement with follow-up counseling is necessary for this segment of the youth population where there is a gap in service.











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Is there a documented need for this project?






The State of Florida Juvenile Justice Accountability Board and the Dade County Homeless Trust











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Miami-Dade Public Hearings


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