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Regional Diabetes Center for the Universites of Miami, Florida and South Florida












Ronald Goldberg


Regional Diabetes Centers











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Regional Diabetes Center for the Universites of Miami, Florida and South Florida

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 5:23:14 PM












Rudolfo Garcia














Statewide Interest:

Provides health care and education for self care of diabetes patients in Florida.













RB Goldberg M.D. (Director)


Ronald Goldberg


1450 NW 10 Avenue

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(305) 243-6505



Miami 33136

















Alachua, Dade, Hillsborough














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Private Organization
















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The Diabetes Centers currently use money from the Education budget to fund health professionals who develop and provide professional and patient education.  That staff includes physicians who specialize in diabetes care and management; nurse educators with special expertise in pediatric, adult and geriatic issues; dietitians; social workers; and phychologists.  Current funding has not been able to support the salaries of the numbers of people necessary to provide adequate, up-to-date care.  It is essential for the Diabetes Centers to provide more educators at $50,000 per year to coverr salary, fringe benefits and supplies.  Each center requires two additional educators to deal with the increased patient load and intensity of contact.  Physician training to specialize in caring for patients with diabetes mellitus is also essential as the increased number of hpysicians choosing to enter primary care has resulted in a marked decline in munbers choosing to specialize in diabetes care.  Training for a diabetes physician would require $60,000 to $70,000 per year to cover salary, fringe benefits and supplies.  With the increased incidence to type 2 diabetes in both children and adults, dietitians, likewise are required to have closer contact with patients to discuss diet and exercise.  Thirty thousand dollars would cover salary and fringe benefits for a 0.75 FTE dietitian.  Thus, each center would require $200,000 to implement this program of expanded services for diabetes care.












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Improvement in health of citizens of Florida.











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Education, Department Of, And Commissioner Of Education

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Diabetes Control and Complications Study; United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study











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