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Austin Hepburn Senior Mini-Center












R.J. Intindola, City Manager


City of Hallandale Beach











Project Title:

Austin Hepburn Senior Mini-Center

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 9:45:12 AM












Steven Geller














Statewide Interest:

Provides educational, informational, nutritional information to seniors as well as transportation.













City of Hallandale Beach


R.J. Intindola, City Manager


400 South Federal Highway

Contact Phone:

(954) 457-1300



Hallandale Beach 33009































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The average age of a resident in the City of Hallandale Beach is 64 years. Seniors have different needs, therefore due to the vast number of elderly residents and the multitude of requested services, a number of diverse programs are required to sustain their quality of life.


The city offers a full circle of programs designed for the elderly population at the Austin Hepburn Senior Mini-Center. Educational programs, such as crime prevention are conducted by the Police Department to impede seniors from becoming potential victims of appreciation and arts and crafts classes are offered to those who are interested in leisure activities. Food and nutritional services are also available at the Senior Mini-Center through the distribution of hot meals to participate and through training sessions such as the importance of nutrition.


In addition to insure the seniors have the ability to keep their appointments with various agencies, doctors and other essential organizations, transportation is provided to those who are in need. Most important, is the linkage of these services to all available agencies, organizations and resources from all levels.


The Autin Hepburn Mini-Center provides services to an estimated 4,500 seniors monthly. These services are currently funded through the city and through cash contributions. However, with the ever increasing number of participants in the above described programs, averaging an eight percent annual increase, additional financial assistance is necessary.


It is requested the Legislature approve funding assistance in the amount of $100,000 to continue to offer transportation, and insure services are provided to the ever increasing number of elderly participating in the senior related programs as described above.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Health and welfare of senior citizens.











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Substantial requests from the public to provide programs, seminars, and activities for seniors.











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City of Hallandale Beach City Commission


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