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Indian River Lagoon Initiative, FY 2001-2002












Carol Senne


St. Johns River Water Management District











Project Title:

Indian River Lagoon Initiative, FY 2001-2002

Date Submitted:

1/29/01 4:19:05 PM












Charlie Bronson














Statewide Interest:

This basin is a designated priority water body under the 1987 SWIM Act.













St. Johns River Water Management District


Carol Senne


P.O. Box 1429

Contact Phone:

(904) 329-4447



Palatka 32178-1429

















Brevard, Indian River, Volusia














Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








The Indian River Lagoon Initiative is an ongoing project to restore, protect and enchance the lagoon and its tributaries.  This project addresses improving water quality, at a minimum, as it relates to the biological productivity and diversity of the lagoon.  The lagoon provides 50% of the east Florida fish catch and 90% of Florida's clam harvest.  Funding through this initiative will help to restore and enhance the lagoon.  Examples of subprojects that could be funded through this request follow.  This list is in alphabetical order and is not a complete listing.  Ambient Monitoring Leading to Total Maximum Daily Loads;  C-1 Rediversion:  Turkey Creek Basin;  Cooperative Surface Water Program:  Sebastian River Water Control District;  Cooperative Surface Water Program:  Town of Fellsmere;   Establishment of Pollution Load Reduction Goals and Assessment of Environmental Health Leading to Total Maximum Daily Loads;  Estuarine Impoundment Reconnections and Fisheries Enhancements;  Land Acquisition:  Implementation of the Indian River Lagoon Blueway and Other Acquisition Initiatives;  Local Government Cooperative Stormwater Programs:  Sebastian River Basin;  Local Government Stormwater Programs:  Other Priority Basins;  Regional Surface Water Programs:  Indian River Farms Water Control District;  Sebastian River Muck Removal;  Wetland and Shoreline Habitat Creation or Enhancement;  Wetland Initiative in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  There have been in-kind contributions, but no value has been attached to these.  Therefore, $5 has been entered to show that in-kind contributions have been made.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Less freshwater runoff to the lagoon;  number of reconnected mosquito impoundments;  number of cubic yards of muck removed from the Sebastian River;  stormwater treatment/management and surface water treatment facilities;  improved water quality in the lagoon and tributaries (e.g. less nutrients, improved dissolved oxygen levels);  acres of mangroves planted;  acres of sea grass;  number of completed and implemented local and regional surface water management plans and projects addressing pollution load reduction goals and total maximum daily loads.











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Operations and Construction














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Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District


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