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Geriatric Education at the University of Miami












John Clarkson, M.D.


University of Miami, School of Medicine











Project Title:

Geriatric Education at the University of Miami

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 5:32:34 PM












Rudolfo Garcia














Statewide Interest:

This project will directly affect the quality of geriatric education and geriatric care in Florida.













Univerisity of Miami, School of Medicine


Omar Franco


1600 NW 10th Avenue (R-53) Rm 2167 A

Contact Phone:

(305) 243-5935



Miami 33136































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Private Organization
















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The UMSM has successful programs in geriatric research,education and clinical service.  We have established interdisciplinary centers dedicated to geriatric research and education (the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center - GRECC and the Center on Adult Development and Aging - CADA).  The UMSM was one of the first medical schools to offer a required course in geriatrics to all medical students.  Inrecognition of our existing expertise and resources, we have recently received a competitive, yet modest award from the AAMC to develop components of a national demonstration curriculum in geriatric medicine.


We are asking for additional funding to develop and support a comprehensive strategy directed towards:

(1) the training of medical students, residents, fellows and communtiy physicians

(2) the coordination of basic science and clinical outcomes research initiatives related to aging

(3) the enhancement of clinical geriatric services through the recruitment and support of geriatric faculty who are so important to our educational and clinical research activities.


There are six program objectives:

(1) Turn a segmented geriatrics curriculum into an integrated longitudinal theme in the medical curriculum

(2) Improve learners' ability to lesten, empathize and explain patient problems

(3) create and evaluate training materials, including technology-based resources

(4) disseminate an evaluated four-year curriculum emphasizing innovative methodologies and interactive patient experiences

(5) offer faculty development in geriatric teaching to basic science and clinical faculty

(6) increase the amount and visibility of training conducted joinly with universities, societies and other organizations.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






This program will focus first on education, providing resources in five key support areas of geriatric education: (1)administration, (2)content development, (3)web-based and distance learning, (4)faculity development and (5)evaluation.











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