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Little Haiti Community Youth Center












Phillip Derose


Haitian American Youth Foundation, Inc.











Project Title:

Little Haiti Community Youth Center

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 5:09:19 PM












Ronald Silver














Statewide Interest:

project will reduce juvenile crime, cost of enforcement and adjudication













Haitian American Alliance, Youth Foundation, Inc.


Phillip Derose


8445 NE 2nd Avenue

Contact Phone:

(305) 795-7880



Miami 33138































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The funds are requested to lease, improve and operate a youth/community/multipurpose center to be located in the Little River/Little Haiti corridor (the "Target Area").  The fudning would be used to lease, make improvements to, equip and operate a facility containing approximately 13,000 sq. ft. Funds would also be used to operate various culturaly sensitive after school, academic suport teen prevention, and keep busy activities for youth ages 18 and under.  The project would fund certain costs related to securing funding for ongoing operation of programs and services to meet the needs of the large population of "At Risk" youth and the specialized needs of the largely immigrant population of Americans of Haitian descent.  The facility would also seek offer leased space to other community and faith based providers of services within the community as well as surrounding municipalities.  It is anticiated that the cost to operate the facility in future years would be derived from rent and funding received through operation of youth and community services programs.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






A suitable, safe, sanitary and equipped facility will be provided to bridge the unmet need for a community/youth center in the Little River/Little Haitian corridor.  The requester will secure additional revenues in a minimum amount of $100,000 to fund future programs and operations. The requester will expand program services to a goal of organizational sufficiency and ongoing local government support through letting of space.  The project will develop and facilitate and information/services echange forum among providers in the Target area.  Measurable improvements in reading, school attendance, computer literacy, parental participation and positive social skills development will be acheived in 75% of program completers.  Law enforcement will report a decrease in youth arrests among program participants.  School attendance, the number of drop out referrals and academic failure rates will decrease among participants.











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Juvenile Justice Assessment











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Miami-Dade Legislative Delegation


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