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Behavior Modification Program (CRP)












Mathes Guise


Koinonia Worship Center











Project Title:

Behavior Modification Program (CRP)

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 5:07:32 PM












M. Mandy Dawson














Statewide Interest:

Reduce recidivism rate of youth and young adults of juvenile and criminal justice system.













Community Reconstruction Institute


Mathes Guise


6299 West Sunrise Blvd., Suite 200

Contact Phone:

(954) 791-8893



Sunrise 33313

















Broward, Dade














Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The Behavior Modification Outcome Program is based on the need to establish an early pre-natal intervention program for pregnant at-risk teens, incarcerated pregnant young adults and foster care children in order to enable the unborn to receive positive life development opportunities well into their adult life.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Establish a model that will house the integrative components of the Behavior Modification Program, which will serve at least 50 pregnant at-risk teens, incarcerated pregnant teens and young adults, and foster care children.  This will be a safe place to serve mothers and provide comprehensive, prescriptive services from pre-natal to five years of age and beyond.


This model is designed to begin the reversal process of the current mindset of youth and young adults.  The primary goal will be to provide our young people with the knowledgeable skills, self-esteem and peer support that will lead to productive self-sufficient lives.


This initiative by traditional standards would amount to a radical departure from the current process- oriented programs to people-to-people oriented programs.  People oriented programs combine services and initiatives that aim at changing the attitudinal behavior dispositions of at-risk youths and ex-offenders so that they see their potentials and abilities to excel rather than succumb to society's negative stereotyping of them.  Performance criteria for people oriented programs are more qualitative than quantitative and are more time and labor intensive, beyond most traditional government criterias.












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