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Homeless Assessment Referral and Tracking (H.A.R.T.)












Miami Dade County Hilda Fernandez


Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust











Project Title:

Homeless Assessment Referral and Tracking (H.A.R.T.)

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 11:52:44 AM












J. Alex Villalobos














Statewide Interest:

Reduces Criminal Justice intervention costs













Miami Dade County Homeless Trust


Hilda Fernandez


111 NW 1st Street

Contact Phone:

(305) 375-1490



Miami 33128































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








This program provides pre-trial intervention for homeless, bondable offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated due to lack of a verifiable address.  This program provides referral to appropriate housing and case management, and tracks clients' participation in assigned programs as required by the courts.  the HART program supports the efforts of the existing Drug Court and Pre-Trial Diversion systems.  HART staff includes five social workers and one clinical social worker.  Staff provides on-site (in-jail) eligibility assessment interviews, represents clients in court, arranges placement in treatment services, monitors compliance with requirements of conditional release and reports clients progress to courts.  Additionally, they transport clients to court appointments and assist treatment case managers in developing service plans.  This intervention program identifies individuals who would benefit from treatment services and provides an alternative to incarceration.  Reduced recidivism by program participants prevents subsequent criminal justice interaction that can be elevated to State level charges (requiring state prison).  In additiona to costs savings to the ciminal justice system (court costs, public defenders, etc.), cost savings are achieved from a reduction in individuals entering the State correction system or State-funded treatment serives.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Increased community placements, reduced length of stay in correction facilities; increased completion of treatment services; reduced recidivism into criminal justice system.











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Miami Dade Legislative Delegation


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