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Community Assessment and Intervention Center Fixed Capital Outlay Funding












Frank B. Francisco


Human Services Associates











Project Title:

Community Assessment and Intervention Center Fixed Capital Outlay Funding

Date Submitted:

2/14/01 2:59:37 PM












D. Lee Constantine














Statewide Interest:

Providing effective and accountable assessments in human services and juvenile justice systems













Human Services Associates


David Custin


1703 W. Colonial Dr.

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(888) 487-0775



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Orange, Seminole














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Private Organization
















Project Description:








The Community and Assessment and Intervention Center (CAIC) is a program developed by a consortium of four Florida Communities.  HSA operates the Orange County CAIC.  The project builds on successful models currently operating in these communities to provide single source community assessment treatment and referral centers.  The CAIC will:


?          Provide a single point of entry into the substance abuse or mental health service system for youth at-risk for substance abuse or delinquent behavior, children with mental health problems and their families;

?          Offer immediate assessment for substance abuse, mental health and other behavioral health problems;

?          Triage and refer clients for services based on assessment results;

?          Provide specific science-based services to an identified target population;

?          Track demographic and outcome information through an integrated Management Information System;

?          Strengthen data collection to improve quality and enhance accountability by ensuring that date relevant to mental health and substance abuse needs and services are available;

?          Provide case management services as appropriate;

?          Develop and monitor a comprehensive, linked community service system designed to eliminate duplication of costly assessment functions, place clients in services based on documented needs and assist their communities in resource allocation for services.














Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






?          100% of clients will be included for participation in follow up studies;

?          80% of appropriate referrals to the CAIC will have contact within 5 days;

?          Development of a community risk profile and needs assessment;

?          Publish a Guidebook for CAIC Implementation for use by other communities.













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