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Devereux Florida Therapeutic Foster Care Day Camp












Bill Posey


Devereaux Florida











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Devereux Florida Therapeutic Foster Care Day Camp

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2/7/01 11:57:28 AM












Bill Posey














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Provides Therapeutic Foster Day Camp for children  who are wards of the State of Florida













Devereux Florida


Denise Bedson


5850 T.G. Lee Blvd. Suite 400

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(407) 812-4555 217



Orlando 32822

















Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole














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Private Organization
















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Project Description:  Devereux Florida is a not-for-profit organization providing a full continuum of mental health and developmental disability services to children and their families with services in 19 counties throughout Florida, Programs include: Intensive Residential Treatment, Community Based Residential Care, Day Treatment Schools, Charter School, Therapeutic Foster Care, Group Home, Transitional Living Center, Center for Developmental Disabilities, and outpatient Counseling Centers. Funding is requested to operate a nine week summer Therapeutic Foster Day Camp for approximately 60 children ages 8 - 14. These children require daily structured activities as a component of their treatment. The summer school vacation creates additional challenges for therapeutic Foster parents and the children. All of these children are wards of the State of Florida and identified as either severely emotionally disturbed and/or exhibit a non-chronic condition with emotional and behavioral problems. Many of these children have been severely abused physically and sexually. The Therapeutic Foster Care Day Camp will help each child develop social skills, increase self-esteem and learn team-building skills. Daily activities will include but not be limited to: group recreational activities, cultural awareness, community service, team work, educational science, arts and crafts, crime prevention, personal hygiene education, drug prevention education, writing, reading and field trips. The program will also focus on leadership and responsibility goals. Devereux Florida will collaborate with local law enforcement, health department, YMCA, and other community organizations to enhance the program. Our main objective of the Therapeutic Foster Care Day Camp is to provide each child with the environment for enhanced learning and development of skills and attitudes that will help each child achieve continued growth and development. These populations of children need ongoing structured activities to help them "heal". An unstructured summer can lead to difficulties that may cause a child to regress in treatment. There are currently no other appropriate summer programs that this population of children would qualify for. This population lacks the social skills and their inappropriate behaviors usually lead to expulsion from "regular" community summer day camps, which further deteriorates the child's self esteem.













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Devereux uses the Devereux rating Scales developed by Devereux's National research center.  The Institute of Clinical Training and Research.  The Devereux Rating Scale derived from state of the art technology and monitors the child's progress and aids in the creation of individualized treatment plans.  The scale also provides for a unique accountability of the services offered and provides a means by which to method success and effectiveness of treatment.











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