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Florida Poison Information Network - CMS/DOH












Lenys Klumpp


Jackson Memorial / Tampa Genera / Shands - Jacksonville











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Florida Poison Information Network - CMS/DOH

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2/15/01 12:11:15 PM












J. Alex Villalobos














Statewide Interest:

Assistance through the three statewide poison information centers













Jackson Memorial, Tampa General Hosp./ Shands - Jacksonville


Lenys Klumpp


1600 NW 12 Ave.

Contact Phone:

(305) 823-9552



Miami 22127

















Dade, Duval, Hillsborough














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Private Organization
















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Enhance the existing funds for the three statewide poison information centers to provide for increased workload and expense of continuing operation of emergency information service.  Call volume has increased over 48% in the past five years while funding has increased only 17%.  State funding has remained nearly level over the past few years as call volumes have increased and the cost of providing this emergency care system has dramatically increased due to amplified workload.  Increased workload without commensurate enhancement of resources has caused continual shrinkage of the available operating budget for core services of the Network for over the past 5 years.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The poison center state grant is a unit cost contract.  The anticipated measurable outcome is a decrease in healthcare expenditure related to Emergency Department visits and ambulance runs.  Poison Center-guided management facilitates in-home treatment of poisonings in the majority of cases.  The Florida Poison Information Cneter Network saves approximately $7.00 in healthcare expenditures for every $1.00 invested in the poison information system and ranks second only to childhood immunation programs in their ability to save health care dollars.











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APCC National Statistical Data and An Analysis of Potential Economies of Scale in Poison Control Cen











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Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation


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