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Neighborhood Revitalization Center












Donald Bowen


Urban League of Broward County











Project Title:

Neighborhood Revitalization Center

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 10:56:11 AM












M. Mandy Dawson














Statewide Interest:

Dem project-revitalize disinvested communities and develop children to world-class standards.













Urban League of Broward County


Donald Bowen


11 NW 36th Avenue

Contact Phone:

(954) 584-1065



Fort Lauderdale 33322































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








To construct Neighborhood Revitalizaton Center and to provide neighborhood revitalization support services for resients of 33311 zip code area.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The Neighborhood Revitalization Center will:

-Establish a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization center to serve as the hub of the wheel for the 33311 revitalization efforts.

-Establish a functioning community council, coalition of33311 organizations, and coalition of homeowner associations.

-Build capacity and mobilize residents to exercise more responsibility and to act as better advocates for the well-being of their neighborhoods.

-Empower 33311 residents to mobilize the resources in their neighborhoods to promote the process of development for children and the community as a whole.

-Positively change the socialization process for children resulting in increased academic achievement levels and demonstration of positive behaviors.

-Assist residents in revitalizing their neighborhoods, leading to infrastructure improvements, increased homeownership rates, and increased public and private investments in 33311.


A bright future from Central County 33311 is an attainable goal. In reality, Broward County is an area of unprecedented growth and stark contrasts. The proposed Center for Neighborhood Revitalization is part of a comprehensive campaign to mobilize and empower residents to bring an end to years of neglect and disparity in their neighborhoods. The new reality includes successful schools; involved parents; safe and stable neighborhoods; relocation of business and industry back into 33311; programs that extend the school day and instill character, integrity, self-reliance, personal responsibility and leadership; affordable housing opportunities for young families, employment and economic opportunities for all residents; and thriving businesses.











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Is there a documented need for this project?






1994 NKC Fdtn ranked 2 33311 neighborhoods among 10 worst for children due to poverty, crime, etc.











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Broward County Legislative Delegation


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