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West St. Augustine Stormwater and Sewer Renovations












Ted Zebrowski


St. Johns County Commission











Project Title:

West St. Augustine Stormwater and Sewer Renovations

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 2:16:20 PM












Betty Holzendorf














Statewide Interest:

Executive Order 99-288 states that ":Florida water resources are vital to the future quality"













St. Johns County Commission


Bill Young


P.O. Box 349

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(904) 471-2161



St. Augustine 32085

















St. Johns














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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The West Augustine Septic Tank replacement program is one of the most critical steps in continuting the revitalization fo this historic area.  The West Augustine area is one of the most economically depressed areas in Northeast Florida.  Many conditions have let to the problems faced today in the area, one of whic is the old septic system in the community.  Many of the residences have non-conforming or homemade septic systems.  In a recent survey of the community, one home was found to haave no septic system at all.  The potential of greater failure of these systems if very high, which could according tothe St. Johns County Health Department, "will certainly increse the potential for disease, expecially considering the poor drainage inthe area."  The project will allow the County, working with the City, to run sewer lines to through the community and hook up the residents of this community.  Further, funds wil be used to enhance the wastewater runoff systems, to improve drainge in the community.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The measurble outcome will be a positive impact on groundwater, improved drainage and a afar improved quality of life.  In addition, the proper sewer system will enhance opportunities for economic development in West Augustine.











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