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Miami Children's Hospital/University of Miami Pediatric Alliance












Fima Lifshitz, MD


Miami Children's Hospital











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Miami Children's Hospital/University of Miami Pediatric Alliance

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2/16/01 3:25:03 PM












Rudolfo Garcia














Statewide Interest:

The academic affiliation will provide opportunities for the training  of pediatric sub-specialists.













Miami Children's Hospital/University of Miami


Fima Lifshitz, MD


3100 SW 62 Avenue

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(305) 662-8245



Miami 33155































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Private Organization
















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This request is made to develop an academic affiliation between the University of Miami School of Medicine and the teaching and education programs of Miami Children's Hospital.  The academic affiliation is necessary to attain accreditation by national organizations for recognition of all pediatric graduate medical education programs in both institutions.  It will increase the scope and depth of all the research and educational activities and will allow the sharing of resources on behalf of education and research programs.  This will allow the enhancement of graduate medical education in the two institutions responsible for the training of a large proportion of the pediatric manpower in the State.  This affiliation will result in the training of physicians to move forward with a more sophisticated level of pediatric experts to meet the demands of the 21st century.  This academic affiliation will prove to be a great investment.













Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The State does not have the expert resources to perform fetal surgery, which will be the standard of care in the not too distant future.  Additionally, through the academic affiliation of the two major players responsible for over 30% of the care of children in Dade County, there will be a unified standard of educational activities of the physicians in training with resultant improvements in the standard of care for the pediatric population, with wide range improvements for children including Medicaid and under-priviledged populations.  Furthermore, the academic affiliation between the University of Miami and Miami Children's Hospital will also result in unification of children's care resources and avoidance of duplication of expensive programs in Dade County.  The academic affiliation between Miami Children's Hospital and the University of Miami School of Medicine will provide an enhanced opportunity to train pediatricians and pediatric sub specialists.  There will be increased opportunities for pediatric exposure of medical students to enhance their education and knowledge of pediatric care.  Thus the University of Miami Medical School Program will be enhanced by rotations of students in all areas of pediatrics at Miami Children's Hospital.  Similarly, the training of sub-specialists in the pediatric arena will allow us to meet the demands for these types of physicians for the 21st Century.












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Pediatric needs of Miami Children's Hospital and the University of Miami School of Medicine.











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Miami Dade Legislative Delegation


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