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Miami River Dredging Project












Miami Dade County Diana Ragbeer/Carlos Espinosa


Miami Dade County











Project Title:

Miami River Dredging Project

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 12:13:41 PM












J. Alex Villalobos














Statewide Interest:

Project will enhance the environmental quality of the River and improve Biscayne Bay













Miami Dade County


Diana Ragbeer Carlos Espinosa


111 NW 1st Street

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(305) 375-1257



Miami 33128































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The US Army Corps of Engineers has recommended maintenance dredging of the Miami River, a federal channel, for navigation purposes.  Because the Miami River sediments are contaminated by past pollution and do not meet federal criteria for ocean disposal, they must be disposed of at an  upland site, such as a lined landfill.  The conceptual plan developed by the COrps proposes to dredge the River in 8 phases, dry the excavated sediment at a bermed and lined site near the River, and haul the dried material to a landfill for permanent disposal.  Environmentally sound dredging and disposal of the contaminated sediments is expected to enhance the environmental quality of the River and downstream protions of Biscayne Bay and improve navigation.  Marine industry trade organizations have estimated that shipping operations alone of the River contribute $4 billion annualy to the economy and create hundreds of jobs.  Clean up of the Miami River is also expected to encourage investment and redevelopment of the urban areas adjoining the River, and objective consistent with regional sustainable develoment strategies, such as "Eastward Ho", brownfields initiatives, and empowerment zones.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






It is anticipated that upon completion of the dredging project, the navigation channel will be restored to authorized depth and width, allowing enhanced use by freighters.  Also, contaminated sediments will no longer be conveyed to sensitive habitats of Biscayne Bay, therefore, reducing potential for further accumulation of pollutants in Bay sediments.  Water quality, particularly water clarity, is expected to improve, since sediment resuspension will be reduced following completion of the project.











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