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Homeowners Wastewater Financial Assistance Program












Timothy McGarry


Monroe County Growth Management Division











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Homeowners Wastewater Financial Assistance Program

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 2:16:49 PM












Daryl Jones














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environmental protection













Monroe County


Timothy McGarry


2798 Overseas hwy

Contact Phone:

(305) 289-2517



Marathon 33050































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Government Entity
















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Monroe County is currently completing the final phase of a cesspool identification and replacement program that includes providing state and county grant monies to property owners to pay on the average $11,000 of the $13,500 of the costs to replace these illegal and nonfunctioning systems in area that will not recieve central sewerage. These systems are being replaced with on-site wastewater nutrient reduction systems that meet the state new on-site wastewater treatment standards for the Florida Keys. The next phase of this program will be to upgrade the remaining on-site wastewater systems in areas not to be served by central sewerage by 2010 with individual OWNRS or cluster system. The County intends to provide these property owners with a grant program similar to the one implemented for its cesspool removal program.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The program will enable the County in financially assist property owners of existing on-site upgrade to meet the strigent wastewater treatment standards required by Florida law. This upgrade will result in improved water quality for the Florida Keys by reducing the level of nutrients and other pollutants in reaching near shore marine waters. The County or the Florida Keys Aquaduct Authority will continue to provide the funds needed for the administration of this assistance program, which are not shown as part of the costs of this request. Those costs typically range around 10% of the grants.











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Monroe County Sanitary Wastewater Management Plan











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