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Will Trower, CEO/President


North Broward Hospital District











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Date Submitted:

2/15/01 4:20:28 PM












Walter Campbell














Statewide Interest:

To improve the quality & accessability of HIV care & health outcomes for AIDS patients in Broward













North Broward Hospital District


Charlotte Mather


303 SE 17 Street

Contact Phone:

(954) 355-5180



Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316































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Government Entity
















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The funds will be used to provide additional staff and staff hours to serve HIV/AIDS patients, as well as to pay for counseling and education of patients, referral, follow-up, screening, nutritional assessment and case management, ambulatory care, including: medical exams, immune system evaluation, diagnosis, referral and treatment. Laboratory tests, primary and specialist medical care, radiology and pharmacy services, emergency and inpatient care are also included.  An anticipation of a minimum of 200 additional HIV patients each year will be served because of this initiative.  Public benefits include better health care outcomes including reduced mortality, decreased hospitalization and decreased visits to emergency departments.  Because people who receive combination highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) are less likely to transmit to HIV to their babies, spouses and sex partners; the project will help control the future HIV epidemic.  This project's goals are consistent with the department of Health's mission & goals, and will help achieve the department's performance outcomes as specified in Agency Strategic Plans or Performance-based Program. Treatment provided by the project helps to imporve the health of the population, reducing further HIV transmission.  Some of the major responsibilities/priority issues outlined by the Department of Health are to: "prevent and treat infectious diseases of public health significance" and to "facilitate the placement of healthe care providers in medically underserved areas".  These major responsiblities are all fulfilled in this project request.  In addition, the Department of Health has made it a priority to respond to disparities in racial and ethnic outcomes.  HIV/AIDS is listed as one of the outcomes that it mentions in its 2000-2001 Health Initiatives statement.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Improvement in the health outcomes for AIDS patients in Broward County as well as a decrease in hospital admissions and re-admissions for AIDS patients and a decrease in the cost per case.  Better access to primary and specialty care.











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Recurring Operations



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North Broward Hospital District patient date, Broward County data, DOH, HIV/AIDS surveillance report











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Broward Legislative Delegation


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