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Earth Rangers Green House Contraction at Cross Creek Alternate School












Allan Rose


Earth Rangers











Project Title:

Earth Rangers Green House Contraction at Cross Creek Alternate School

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 5:05:40 PM












Walter Campbell














Statewide Interest:

Expose students to gardening by the use of a greenhouse facility & teach them entrepreneurial skills













Earth Rangers


Allan Rose


2824 NW 118th Drive

Contact Phone:

(954) 755-8079



Coral Springs 33065































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








Construct a greenhouse facility at Cross Creek Alternate Schoo. The greenhouse will be used to teach the students how to grow hydroponic vegetables as well as perennial peanuts, which are an environmentally beneficial ground cover.  The project will provide the students with a unique learning opportunity for managing a business.  The vegetables and perennial peanuts will be sold to local markets that have already agreed to purchase all we can produce.  The students will put social science, biology, math and other basic education skills to work in real world applications.  The project also facilitates mentoring opportunities for the older students to share their knowledge and experience with younger students.  This program targets at-risk youths and has been successfully implemented at North Fork Elementary, a school in urban Ft. Lauderdale.  The program will be under the direction of Mr. Allan Rose, a recent recipient of Education Commissioner Charlie Crist's "2001 Business Recognition Award."












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The project will eventually become self-sufficient with revenue from the sale of crops used to maintain the infrastructure and providing capital for future crops and special projects.  Students will demonstrate increased knowledge in managing business, improved personal skills and there will be increased opportunities for parental involvement.  The greenhouse will also become a year-round laboratory and provide job training.











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