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Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council












Carla Talarico


Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council, Inc.











Project Title:

Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council

Date Submitted:

2/15/01 9:45:46 PM












Daryl Jones














Statewide Interest:

To initiate a smart growth planning process resulting in an enhance the district













Perrine- Cutler Council, Inc.


Carla Bernabel Talarico


900 Perrine Avenue

Contact Phone:

(305) 378-9470



Miami 33157































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The area in SOuth Miami-Dade County that is bounded on the north and east by the Florida turnpike, the south by the Black Creek Canal and the west by the Busway known as the Cutler Ridge Business District. This area including, Cutler Ridge Mall and the businesses surrounding it, has been in a consistent state of flux and decline since the early 1990s. Currently, several capital projects and plans are underway including the Community Performing Arts Center, which is in the design phase and an expansion of the Cutler Ridge Mall to include a new anchor, Garden Ridge. However, these plans are being done on a piece meal, fragmented basis and there is no cohesive master plan for the area. Communication between property owners did not exist until November 2000 when the Perrine-Cutler Ridge Council invited the area property owners to a meeting to discuss the future of the business district. The funds being requested will further the planning process of a formal Business Improved District, provide the needed seed money until the organization can be formed and assessments can be made to the property owners, fund the preliminary steps in a master planning process for the area and provided for signage design.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The formation of a Cutler Ridge Improvement District, the assessment methodology for the future financing of the BID, a conceptual master plan and schematic design of a signage program for the District.











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Miami-Dade County Community Council 15


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