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William F. Bowman


Bay Area Youth Services (BAYS)











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2/16/01 3:32:25 PM












Victor Crist














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This is year 2 of a 3 year pilot project serving as a model program for statewide implementation.













Bay Area Youth Services (BAYS)


William Bowman


5118 N. 56th Street, Suite 206

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The PRODIGY Program is a multi-agency collaboration that provides cultural arts to at-risk youth in our target community. This is the second year of a three-year demonstration project. The PRODIGY program serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of cultural arts programming among youth ages 7-17 who are at-risk of entering or re-entering the juvenile justice system. The program combines prevention, diversion and intervention components that will greatly enhance and expand the capabilities of a diverse and very experianced coalition in order to reduce high levels of juvenile-based crime. A common theme of all program-based activities is to develop and promote teamwork and self-esteem among the children participating while fostering a sense of community. The exposure to the creative and performing arts provides program participants with the opportunity for a form of expression that is positive and does not promote destructive or violent behavior.












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The goal of the program is to provide a positive benefit for our target population's at-risk youth through coupling holistic case management services with participation in the arts as a means for personal expression. The PRODIGY Program's impact on the individual and community will be measured through:  Qualitative Observations:  A) the development of personal responsibility, values and moral character in youth and their families; B) development of personal and potential vocational skills through participation in the program; C) a greater understanding and respect for individual, family and community heritage.  Quantifiable Measures:  A) 80% of youth shall remain crime free six months after the release from the diversion component of the PRODIGY Program; B) 80% of youth enrolled in the program shall not be arrested during non-school hours while participating in the diversion component of the PRODIGY Program; C) 80% of youth enrolled in the program shall not be arrested for crimes involving violence while participating in the diversion component of the PRODIGY Program; D) 75% of all PRODIGY diversion component participants shall successfully complete the program; E) 65% of the youth successfully completing the diversion component requirements shall exhibit a decrease in truancy and school behavior problems.











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The growing juvenile crime statistics in Hillsborough County











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