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Truancy Intervention Program (Hillsborough TIP)












Connie Milito


School Board of Hillsborough County











Project Title:

Truancy Intervention Program (Hillsborough TIP)

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 2:55:25 PM












Victor Crist














Statewide Interest:

This is a highly successful model trurancy program that is currently being replicated statewide.













School Board of Hillsborough County


Connie Milito


901 E. Kennedy Blvd.

Contact Phone:

(813) 272-4519



Tampa 33602































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








Hillsborough County Public Schools shall develop, implement and operate a Truancy Intervention Program. Hillsborough County Public Schools shall provide truancy intervention services to male and female students under the age of 16 who are enrolled in grades K-12 at participating schools, who live in the target community (zip codes 33612, 33613 and 33617), and are likely to become involved in the juvenile justice system.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






A) In comparision to the same period of time the previous school year, the percentage of truant students living in the target area with 15 or more unexcused absences shall reflect a 10% decrease as measured by attendance data; B) An increase of at least 10% awareness of school truancy, its effect(s), and solutions among at least 75% of a random sample of students that completed truancy education/prevention classes; C) In comparison with the previous school year, the delinquents in the target population shall reflect a 10% reduction in law violations as measured by arrest violations; D) Documentation is available to demonstrate compliance with process and evaluation measures for inspection upon request; E) The Department of Juvenile Justice may conduct outcome evaluations on this program. These evaluations and studies consider the content of the program, its components and the duration of the program. The results may be used in the rating of the program for its future funding.











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Hillsborough County's growing truancy statistics.











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