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Outreach Learning Center












Connie Milito


School Board of Hillsborough County











Project Title:

Outreach Learning Center

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 2:45:28 PM












Victor Crist














Statewide Interest:

This model public-private collaborative is being replicated statewide to serve blighted communities.













School Board of Hillsborough County


Connie Milito


901 E. Kennedy Blvd.

Contact Phone:

(813) 272-4519



Tampa 33602































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The project will provide the construction dollars for the first phase of a required parking garage to serve the University Area Outreach Learning Center. The Outreach Learning Center offers adult literacy, GED classes, vocational education, parent education, child development services, day care, small business development, and self-development welfare-to-work programming for over 40,000 economically disadvantaged, at-risk adults and children of this blighted community formerly known as "Suitcase City."


The Outreach Learning Center is very succsessful and has attracted large crowds since it has opened. The capacity of the parking lot has been significantly exceeded, and cars are being parked illegally or at great distances from the facility in a community recognized as having the highest crime rate in Hillsborough County, creating unsafe conditions, particularly for the many children and elderly using the facility.


The School District is constructing a 700-student career center for grades 9-12 and a 600-student elementary school on a contiguous site immediately adjacent to the Outreach Learning Center. The Health Department will also be co-locating a 14,000 square foot health clinic adjacent to the Career Center and the Family Center. The additional parking facility will help relieve the parking crisis and will be used around the clock by clients, students and staff.


The Outreach Learning Center provides the at-risk children and families of the blighted, high crime University Area Community vital educational and self-development opportunities they need to help pull themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty and hopelessness to become contributing members of society.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






A) The parking garage will facilitate the successful opening and operation of the four co-located facilities -- the Outreach Learning Center, the elementary school, the health clinic, and the career center; B) No clients will report ceasing to use the facilities because they are unable to park safely; C) Traffic flow at the site and in the neighborhood will not be impeded by improperly parked cars.











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Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation


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