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Treasure Coast Agriscience Education Center












Dr. William Vogel


St. Lucie County School Board











Project Title:

Treasure Coast Agriscience Education Center

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 3:48:13 PM












Ken Pruitt














Statewide Interest:

Support  quality Agriculture education programs using latest technology, research & Envir.  BMP's.













School Board of St. Lucie County


Kathie Schmidt


2909 Delaware Ave.

Contact Phone:

(561) 468-5240



Ft. Pierce 34947

















St. Lucie














Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








Funds will be used for renovations and improvements to existing St. Lucie County Agriscience farm including upgrading of existing barns, fencing, storage facilities, hydroponics & aqualculture facilities and expansion of water and sewer lines.  This project prepares students with the academic and technical skills needed for both immediate employment and advanced educational opportunities in tomorrow's broad and challenging fields of agriculture.  It's location is significant not only for the extensive commitment of the cattle and citrus industry, but also that of the many advanced Agriscience research institutions located here such as the USDA Horticultural Research Center, IFAS, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Smithsonian Marine Station and more.  Through 21st Century distance learning technologies, the result of this regional collaborative effort may ultimately be shared with other students throughout the state.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Increase number of students who develop an awareness of the diverse and challenging fields of Agriculture such as "Precision Ag", Aqualculture, Biotechnology, Hydroponics, Agro-Ecology, Agronomy; Serve to meet the critical need for developed human resources in Agriculture; Provide a unique avenue for new technologies to be introduced to high school level Agriscience programs and demonstrate to students the broad applications of cutting edge technologies such as GIS/GPS which minimize environmental impacts and maximize resources; Students will recognize the 21st Century Agriculture is a high tech industry; More students will develop an early awareness of the relationships between agriculture and the environment and the critical need for utilization of "Best Management Practices"; Marketing of all aspects of Agriculture.











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Agriculture And Consumer Services, Department Of, And Commissioner Of Agriculture

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St. Lucie School District Feasibility Study and Comprehensive plan for agriculture property











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St. Lucie County Legislative Delegation


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