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Crisis out-placement housing and services for mentall ill persons












Hilda Fernandez


Miami Dade County Homeless Trust











Project Title:

Crisis out-placement housing and services for mentall ill persons

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 2:22:50 PM












Ronald Silver














Statewide Interest:

reduces the use of state funded CGUs, addresses state intitiative regarding community based care













Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust


Hilda Fernandez


111 NW 1st Street

Contact Phone:

(305) 375-1490



Miami 33128































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Government Entity
















Project Description:








The proposed continuation and expansion project will provide post-crisis stabilization unit (CSU) out-placement in transitional housing for chronic mentally-ill, homeless persons recently discharged, for whom continuous stabilization will result in reduced institutional recidivism.  Based on the "2000 Gaps and Needs Analysis" as submitted to the U.S. Department of HUD, approximately 30% of Miami-Dade county's homeless population suffers from a dual diagnosis that includes metnal illness, another 9% suffers from chronic and severe mental illness.  The continuation funding requested would allow the program to continue to provide appropriate supportive housing to homeless individuals who require stabilization services following out-placement from CSUs.  The program expansion enhances the post-discharged placement options for state funded CSUs and persons recently discharged and at greater risk of de-stabilization.  Homeless persons currently discharged from CSIs frequently destabilize without timely and appropriate out-placement or follow-up into treatment, often require law enforcement inttervention and are reoccuringly re-admitted into a CSU.  The availability of service intensive mental health treatment beds specifically designed to keep individuals stable and prepare them for permanent, supportive housing will reduce the incidence of recidivism into the CSU system, producing costs savings by reducing the use of CSU beds, reduce the length of stay as CSUs (by providing and increased out-placement option) and reduce the need for law enforcement intervention for persons who destabilize following discharge from a CSU.  The expansion orequest would fund an additional 35 beds.












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Reduction in institutionalization, increase in number of persons treated and stabilized, length of stay in community based care.











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Annual Continuum of Care Gaps and Needs Analysis











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Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation


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