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The Embrace Foundation, Inc.












Velma Lawrence


Embrace The Foundation and Magazine











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The Embrace Foundation, Inc.

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2/20/01 12:48:56 PM












Kendrick Meek














Statewide Interest:

Provides urban and/or inner city neighborhoods w/comprehensive intervention programs for girls.













The Embrace Foundation, Inc.


Velma Lawrence


6600 N.W. 27th Avenue, A-2

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(305) 357-2629



Miami 33127































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Private Organization
















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The Embrace Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization in collaborative effort with governmental, educational, social, religious and corporate entities.  It's primary focus is educating, promoting enhancing, empowering, embracing and mentoring youngster (particularly young girls) 10-17 years of ages residing in South Florida's urban and/or inner city neighborhoods (more particularly the Empowerment Zone) and later expand the concept statewide.  Our mission is to foster and educate these precious and untapped jewels of our community who have been long neglected, ignored and under represented.  The Embrace Foundation, Inc. provides an extensive and unique one-on-one six-eighth (6-8) week course in health exercise and hygiene, beauty, style and fashion to technology and career development.  Our prevention sessions will focus on the areas of substance abuse and peer pressure, self-esteem, sex education and sexually transmitteed disease as well as teen pregnancy.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Home follow-up visits and fmaily counseling is also required on an on-going bases which is why we have limited our annual enrollment to one dozen (2) youngsters. No other organization offers such a comprehensive program dedicated to a target group of youngsters with it emphasis on young girls.











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