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Pregnant Pospartum Women and Infants Program, Brevard County












Jerry Feulner


The Center for Drug Free Living











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Pregnant Pospartum Women and Infants Program, Brevard County

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2/7/01 10:17:35 AM












Bill Posey














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Supports drug control strategies; protects citizens from illegal drugs and treats the most vulnerabl













The Center for Drug Free Living


Stephen Hill


4479 North Harbor City Blvd.

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(850) 656-3100



Melbourne 32935































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Private Organization
















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This project seeks to continue and fully fund the Brevard expansion of the Center's 15 bed women and children's residential treatment program.  Currently in the base budget, the program provides safe and stable living arrangements, complemented by highly professional comprehensive, individualized, on site services for substance abusing pregnant and postpartum women.  The average length of stay is nine months which will give women the opportunity to fully recover in a safe environment under the supervision of trained professional staff who provide services and linkages including; counseling, vocational, GED, life skills, parenting and other critical training.  The therapeutic regimen ensure that women can take responsibility for identifying, and utilizing the services they need to reintegrate into the community, remain addiction free and develop the skills necessary for independent productive lives for themselves and their children.  In addition to ensure successful treatment for these women, the model incorporates on site childcare and living arrangements for children up through age four.  This allows for a comprehensive service delivery design so the mom and the child can live healthy, productive lifestyles.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






The Center takes the need for outcomes and accountability very seriously in its programs.  Some of the remarkable outcomes to date that we fully expect will continue include: the successful treatment of mothers (253 to date); 197 babies born drug-free and of normal birth weigh5t; all mothers and babies receive prenatal and postnatal care; all mothers are reunited with their children and 98% have regained custody; 99% of the mothers were free of criminal activity while in or after completing the program, and 80% of the women are employed at discharge.











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