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Samira Beckwith


Hope Hospice











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2/16/01 11:03:34 AM












Burt Saunders














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Project is designed to meet the statewide objective of increasing affordable healthcare access.













Hope Hospice


Keith Arnold


9470 Health Park Circle

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(850) 222-6333



Fort Myers 33908

















Glades, Hendry, Lee














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Private Organization
















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Hope Hospice is respectfully requesting assistance from the State of Florida in the form of a $300,000 demonstration grant to help develop a new technological approach to care called Telehospice.  This technology has been identified as a powerful strategy to improve care for our minority and rural patients.  It is also an opportunity to bring technology to populatios who may not have access to this technoloty.  Telehospice equipment  resembles technology used in the business environment to facilitate video conferencing, but also inculdes a thermometer, a blood pressure cuff, and a stethoscope.  The ability to have fact-to-face interaction with a patient without being physically present in the home offers countless benefits.  Professional caregivers can quickly assess medical problems and begin treatment, providing needed emotional support without being viewed as intrusive by family members.  Telehospice can also be used to discuss treatment options and chices, assist with teaching and counseling, and facilitate more efficient case assessment, management, and documentation. Home visits will still be necessary, but this technology will assist by reducing the nuber of interruptions in the home, enabling minority and rural families to take a more primary role in the care of their dying loved one.












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Ensure the citizens of FLorida have equal and appropriate end-of-life health care and support.











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The under-served minority and rural patients of Lee, Hendry and Glades counties.











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Lee County Legisltive Delegation


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