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Family Emergency Treatment Center












Janet Eustis


Ruth Cooper Center for Behavioral Health Care











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Family Emergency Treatment Center

Date Submitted:

2/16/01 11:24:07 AM












Burt Saunders














Statewide Interest:

Providing 24-hour walk-in crisis support for individuals with Mental health and or substance abuse.













Ruth Cooper Center for Behavioral Health Care


Janet Eustis


2789 Ortiz Avenue

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(941) 275-3222 365



Fort Myers 33905































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Private Organization
















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The Family Emergency Treatment Center is envisioned as a 24-hour walk-in crisis support program for individuals and families in Lee County with mental health and substance abuse problems.  It will be a cooperative program of the Ruth Cooper Center for Behavioral Health Care and Southwest Florida Addiction Services, staffed by medical persoonel, licensed clinicians, substance abuse specialists and case managers.


The goal is to work with individuals and families in crisis, assessing their needs and linking them with appropriate services.  Through early intervention and short-term treatment, it is anticipated that we will divert clients from costly inpatient psychiatric services, hospital emergency rooms and jails.  The service will be fully intergrated with "Baker Act" and "Marchman Act" (involuntary) services.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Throughout the past year, Lee COunty has experienced a loss in both otupatient and acute inpatient psychiatric services because of the reduction in services provided by Ruth Cooper Center and the closure of Charter Glade Hospital.  This combination has put tremendous pressure on the acute end of the system, which is already underfunded.


The goal of the Family Emergency Treatment Center is, throufh early intervention, to link people with appropriate services, divert them fromthe need for more acute care and ensure that only the neediest individuals use our most expensive services (crisis stabilization unit).  This early intervention will divert people from inappropriate resources such as hosptial emergency rooms and jails.


In Manatee County, where this model was piloted, there was a saving the first year of $697,000 in pubicly funded inpatient psychiatric services alone.  We will expect this as a minimum in Lee County in the first year of operation.











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