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South Sewall's Point Rd. (Mandalay to Marguerita)












Joseph Dorsky


Town of Sewall's Point











Project Title:

South Sewall's Point Rd. (Mandalay to Marguerita)

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 11:48:03 AM












Ken Pruitt














Statewide Interest:

Reduce sediment discharge into Indian River Lagoon.  Biological productivity and species diversity.













Town of Sewall's Point


Joseph Dorsky


1 S  Sewall's Point Rd.

Contact Phone:

(561) 287-2455



Sewall's Point 34996































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








Provides two stormwater retention areas along South Sewall's Point Rd., and will retain the drainage for two subdivisions, Mandalay and Marguerita, prior to discharge into the Indian River Lagoon.  The projects lie along the Indian River Lagoon's western boundary.  The Subdivision area which will discharge into these retention areas is approximately 14.5 acres.  The 0.90 acre retention areas will provide .55 acre ft. of retention storage plus sediment removal prior to discharge into the Lagoon.  The remaining water quality benefits will be obtained by an existing baffle box.  Existing roadside swales will make up remaining water quality volumes.  The 2 retention areas lie within lots 5 & 6 of the Marguerita Subdivision.  The roadway will also be raised to alleviate flooding during high tide events.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






This improvement will provide sediment control prior to discharge into the Indian River Lagoon, which is an estuary of national significance and is part of the EPA's National Estuary Program.  The diversion of excess surface water drainage from both urban and agricultural lands to the lagoon and associated declines in water and sediment quality are primary threats to the lagoon.  The loss of shoreline habitat is also identified under both plans as a major contributing factor to the degradation of the water body.  Mangrove wetlands and seagrass beds are critical components of the Lagoon and play important roles in biological productivity and species diversity.











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Town of Sewall's Point Commission


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