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Increase in Funding for Florida's Regional Planning Councils












Ronald Book


Florida Regional Councils Association











Project Title:

Increase in Funding for Florida's Regional Planning Councils

Date Submitted:

2/12/01 2:27:15 PM












James King














Statewide Interest:

Addresses need for proper level of funding for Reg. Planning Councils to carry out their state mand













Regional Planning Councils


Ronald Book


314 E. Central Avenue

Contact Phone:

(305) 935-1866



Blountstown 32424































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








To increase funding for Florida's 11 regional planning councils from 2.23 million to 3 million, which is an increase of $763,750.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Increased services to Florida's local governments, particularly with respect to planning and technical assistance needs, enhanced performance, heightened compliance with Chap. 186,FS and other statutory obligations/responsibilities.  Local gov. are primary beneficiary since an increase will allow regional planning councils to better fulfill their statutory obligations without subsidizing activities with local reserves.  The Legislature's annual appropriation to the regional planning councils is passed through the Dept. of Community Affairs.  The Dept annually enters into contracts with each of the regional planning councils as a vehicle for the regional planning councils to carry out their statutorily mandated obligations and responsibilities.  Pursuant to these contracts, regional planning councils are required to submit quarterly reports outlining their activities for the quarter and demonstrating compliance with the contract.  Measurable outcomes are provided in these quarterly reports.











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Recurring Operations



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There has not been an increase in regional planning council funding since 1985











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Broward County Delegation


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