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Seminole County Drug Abuse Services












Brenda Gilliam-Jones


The Grove Counseling Center, Inc.











Project Title:

Seminole County Drug Abuse Services

Date Submitted:

2/5/01 9:27:33 AM












Anna Cowin














Statewide Interest:

Supports drug control strategy: close treatment gap & improve resources in the justice system.













The Grove Counseling Center, Inc.


Stephen Hill


585 E. S.R. 434

Contact Phone:

(850) 656-3100



Longwood 32750































Service Area:

Private Organization
















Project Description:








The Grove is proposing to add 100 treatment slots to be used for criminal justice offenders who are charged with drug offenses or have a history of drug use.  Many of these offenders have used drugs for a number of years and have been unsuccessful in breaking the cycle of addiction.  The array of treatment options available to these individuals will increase the likelihood of success by holding them accountable for their actions, reduce victimization by intervening early through the provision of needed services and improving overall health.  The services offered will range from ambulatory detoxification, intensive outpatient, outpatient and aftercare services for the targeted population.  Individual, group and family counseling services will also be provided with special emphasis on relapse prevention strategies.  The proposed budget issue will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the system through the provision of a continuum of services for criminal justice involved individuals who have experienced difficulty in accessing treatment providers, and will complement and be accessible to the Seminole Drug Court initiative.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






To reduce drug use and associated criminal behavior by retaining drug-involved offenders in treatment; reduce mental health symptoms as applicable; clients who successfully complete the program will have their charges dismissed or probation sentences reduced; clients who successfully complete the program will increase their drug coping/refusal skills as evidenced by urinalysis results, self and collateral reports and progress reports.











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Seminole County Commissioners


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