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Statewide Kinship Support Center












Anne Strozier


University of South Florida











Project Title:

Statewide Kinship Support Center

Date Submitted:

2/13/01 4:14:39 PM












M. Mandy Dawson














Statewide Interest:

Provide support to relative caregivers raising children, to keep kids out of foster care.













University of Florida


John Ratliff


4202 East Fowler Avenue. MGY 132

Contact Phone:

(305) 978-4507



Tampa 33620































Service Area:

Government Entity
















Project Description:








In response to over 231,000 children in Florida being cared for by relative caregivers, the Statewide Kinship Support Center will provide statewide support to grandparents and other relatives raising children throughout Florida by means of: a statewide, toll-free emotional support and information and referral line (The Kinship Care Statewide Warmline), a statewide clearinghouse of kinship care information, a statewide database of support groups and services for relative caregiving families, the establishment of a legal hotline, social work support to relatives, coordinated efforts to strengthen existing support groups and develop new support groups in areas lacking (mostly rural communities), maintenance of a statewide database of services and supports available to relative caregivers, spearheaded statewide outreach efforts for DCF Relative Caregiver Program, and the research and implementation of best practices in kinship care.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






Outcome 1: A 50% increase in number of relatives who contact the Kinship Care Statewide Warmline.Outcome 2: A 90% approval rate for the Warmline evaluation measure after one year.Outcome 3: The production of a directory for relative caregiver support groups statewide.Outcome 4: The number of families directly assisted by Statewide Kinship Support Center.Outcome 5: Establishment and operation of a Statewide Legal Hotline for relative caregivers in Florida.Outcome 6: Provide an increase in resources and support to relative caregivers to reduce the demand on the child welfare system.











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See Executive Summary of Kinship Care Advisory Committee at USF (under separate cover).











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Miami Dade Legislative Delegation


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