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L.A.P. "Life After Prison"












Dr. Ann E. A. Williams


Sisters' Inc.











Project Title:

L.A.P. "Life After Prison"

Date Submitted:

2/12/01 3:12:27 PM












James King














Statewide Interest:

Statewide Pre and Post Release Prison Rehabilitation - transitional housing













Sisters' Inc.


Dr. Ann E. A. Williams


6316 San Juan Ave., Suite 12

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(904) 695-2126



Jacksonville 32210































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Private Organization
















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This project has been established in response to the growing number of female offenders who spend time in jail and prison, returning to our cities with no place to live, and not prepared with an action plan for reentry into society.  WIthout an action plan and support system to assist them with their transition back into the community, these women often return to the streets, homeless and resorting to illegal means to survive, such as prostitution and drugs.  Without assistance, these women may end up going back to jail/prison or continuing to spiral through an endless cycle of violence, incarceration, and segregation from their children.  There are a few programs in the state specific to this population.  The concept of Destiny Village is based on a multiplex of services under one roof.  These services are made available for formerly incarcerated single females and their children.  Research has revealed that there is a high level of gaps in services for homeless single women and women with children head of household, throughout the nation.  We are all aware of the stigma associated with ex-offenders.  Unless they have a family member or friend to live with upon release, they become homeless.  This housing project has been the answer to this dilemma in many formerly incarcerated women's lives since housing was made available to them starting in 1999.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






(1) Housing facility will be completed within the first year of funding; (2) 60% of women participating in Project L.A.P. will secure independent housing within 12 months of release from jail/prison. (3) 70% of participants will remain in permanent housing for at least 12 months. (4) 50% of the participants will remain arrest-free for 12 months following entry into the program.











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