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PACE Volusia-Flagler Reach












Carol Wick


PACE Center for Girls, Inc.











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PACE Volusia-Flagler Reach

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2/12/01 3:17:45 PM












James King














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Between 1993-98 the state of Florida saw a 30% increase in the number of girl delinquencies













PACE Center for Girls of Volusia Flagler


Carol Wick


200 Magnolia Avenue

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(904) 323-0078



Daytona Beach 32114































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Private Organization
















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PACE Reach is a model of mobile service developed for rural areas that have service needs and no PACE full-service alternative education center locally accessible to at-risk girls and their families.  This program is designed to address the multiple issues of at-risk girls.  Research has shown that girls with hope of a successful future are more likely to stay in school, are less likely to get pregnant, and are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices that are in their best interests and those of their community.  PACE Reach provides PACE gender sensitive support services to identified at-risk girls, ages 12 to 18 and their families while they are enrolled in their home schools, as well as up to 3 years of aftercare services once they have achieved their goal and transition from the PACE Reach program.  Services will be provided both on and off campus.  Off campus services will utilize the student's home, and community rooms for some group activities.  Services include case management, academic tutoring and oversight, counseling, providing instruction for the SPIRITED GIRLS! curriculum, which is a gender-sensitive life skills course in which the girls would earn credit that addresses 50 life skills including decision-making, conflict resolution; careers and the world of work; young women's health issues including pregnancy prevention, substance abuse, and domestic violence, and other related healthy life-style issues specific to young women.  These services will be provided on campus.

The PACE Reach Coordinator will be available to assist girls and their families access various community services that will address the student and her family's needs, and allow more time to be focused on school attendance and performance.  This service will be provided both on campus and in the student's home.

PACE Reach students will be provided after-school groups on campus where students can discuss relevant issues that are impacting their school attendance and performance, and receive guidance and support from the PACE Reach Coordinator and their PACE Reach Program peers.  This type of group is often critical in teach and reinforcing new, positive behaviors that will lead to goal attainment.

Daily academic tutoring will be delivered both on and off campus by both the PACE Reach Coordinator and a group of trained community volunteers.

Each candidate referred to the PACE Reach Program will receive an initial assessment to determine the appropriateness of the program to meet the referent's needs.  Once a student has been entrolled in the PACE Reach Program an on-going needs assessment will be provided and an Initial Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) will be developed for each student.  The ITP will be reviewed by the PACE Reach Coordinator on a weekly basis to assess progress and update the plan, as appropriate.  Case management, individual counseling, crisis counseling, and family counseling services will be provided as dictated by the ITP as appropriate and available.

Biweekly progress reports will be given to students' parents, and monthly parent conferences will be required.

Biweekly psycho-educational gorups will be offered after school to girls in both the Reach and Aftercare components to reinforce skills learned in the SPIRITED GIRLS course, and problem solve issues or problems appropriate for the group.

After-care or transitional services will be provided by the PACE Reach Coordinator for a period of up to three years to each student and her family after transitioning from the PACE Reach component. Intensive transition services consist of crisis counseling abd case management services to the student and her family on at least a weekly basis, while follow-up services are less frequent and are utilized when intensive services are not required.  A summary of our continuum of services to be provided is as follows:

A. ASSESSMENT: The Initial Needs Assessment will be completed at Intake and the On-going Needs Assessment will be completed within the first month of enrollment in the program.

B. INDIVIDUAL TREATMENT PLANS: ITP's will be completed for each student enrolled in the program within the first 30 days, and will focus on the student's academic and behavioral goals.  Each goal will have timelines, and will be reviewed on a weekly basis with the PACE Reach Coordinator to track the student's progress and keep the student focused.

C. CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES: will consist of weekly individual counseling with each student enrolled in the program, as well as family and crisis counseling as indicated by the Needs Assessment and the ITP.

D. SPIRITED GIRLS!: PACE's gender specific life skills program will be taught for one hour every school day on campus, Monday through Friday.

E. PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL, THERAPEUTIC GROUPS: will be held on a monthly basis after school from 2:30-3:40 pm.

F. BIWEEKLY PROGRESS REPORTS AND MONTHLY FACE-TO-FACE CONFERENCES: with the student's parents/guardians will be held to discuss and review their daughter's progress during and after school, evenings or weekends based on parent's/guardian's availability.

G. COMMUNITY SERVICE: will be held on a monthly basis at various locations in Flagler County.












Measurable Outcome Anticipated:






A. A total of 70% of the females enrolled in the PACE Reach Program will successfully complete the program.

B. A minimum of 60% of the females shall maintain an attendance rate of 80% (including excused absences) over the period of enrollment in the PACE Reach Program.

C. A minimum of 70% of all females who participate in the PACE Reach services shall increase their academic functioning (grade level, GPA, or other academic progress) while enrolled.

D. A minimum of 65% of all youth in the PACE Reach Program who have previously committed crimes shall not be adjudicated or have adjudication withheld while enrolled in the program.











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